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[Korean Customer Review] JUST USE IT, SEBO IS MIRACLE

Posted by Ballvic(ip:)

Date 2021-05-10 18:03:40

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Used it step by step and left a review. I received samples on June 10. 

And I purchased a travel size on June 14th. 

I had full of doubts as I had been disappointed with shampoos before. 

I guess anyone who is suffering from Seborrheic dermatitis is the same. 

There are a bunch of shampoos used only a few times.

I've been suffering from seborrhea for 20 years, 

and now I've been told “it can't be healed anymore in a hospital, but rather change your body constitution.” 

If you aren’t that serious, why the dermatologist talk about your constitution :(

I liked the shampoo that my friend gave as a gift, 

so I tried to settle it, but it was not because of getting better, 

but it was because of not getting worse. 

So I was worried a lot. 

In fact, the dermatologist also prescribed two shampoos, 

but even though they contained steroids, it did not improve at all.

Then I got to know BallVic SEBO Shampoo by chance, and it did a sample event. 

So I just entered it, saying let it go if it doesn’t work. I didn't expect to get better because I thought it was an incurable disease anyway.

I really wanted to go to the hair salon and have my hair cut. 

I think it had been a few years since I didn't go to the beauty salon because my scalp was embarrassing. 

After trying a sample, I thought this is a great item. 

People who have Seborrheic will know once you try it. 

I tried it until the 3rd day of use and just went to buy a genuine product right away. 

But I bought a travel product because the travel product was at a low price. Is there any reason not to buy?

I used about half a month and now half of the 80g is left. 

Now, the scalp itching, irritation, or fever symptoms have been reduced by 99%, 

and the scalp dead skin cells remain a bit. 

I'm surprised every time because this effect comes after 1-2 weeks of steroid + steroid injections. 

When using, I wash with a mild shampoo at first (using it because I can't throw away the remaining shampoo)

For second shampooing, Squeeze Sebo Shampoo as a size of double 500 won, 

smear it on the scalp, leave it at least 5 minutes, and then rinse. 

If you try to wash it right away, your hands will tremble and you will leave it on your scalp with pressure. 

Because it is expensive shampoo. 

For your information, my hair is not a lot and long to the waist.^ ^

For those who are suffering from seborrhea and those who say that medicine doesn’t work, 

PLEASE use Sebo Shampoo. Just USE it twice.

It's amazing that I come to buy such an expensive shampoo, 

and it's amazing again how long I write to the scalp to get points.

Thank you so much for making this good shampoo. 

I'm going to go to the hair salon next month to do my hair♡



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